Chromium Salvation

Castle (in a moment of detachment) and Short (stealing instruments from his son) a duo combining PENG, a computer-controlled synthesizer system developed for the Amiga by Harry Castle, with the acoustic percussion of Damon Short.

(Long technical description:) The vibraphone provides input to Peng both in real-time and as pre-recorded melodic/rhythmic fragments. These fragments are parsed and recombined to serve as raw compositional material. This material, in storage, can be reproduced verbatim, and is also available for real-time manipulation. In performance, the duo interacts with these elements, responding, influencing, and adding to them, bringing about still further electronic transformations. It is through this regenerative process that a given realization of each composition is sculpted.

While there is a compositional framework for each piece, no two performances are ever the same. Both members of the duo have ongoing control over the development of each piece, and the components of the process.

The cassette contains a series of live and studio improvisations by the duo, done in Chicago and Dekalb IL in 1994 and 1995.

Yes! I can't live without this tape!!
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