Damon Short

Musician, Chicago IL

Description: Morgantown, WV, 1997

(who's he?) -- I'm a percussionist and composer in Chicago. My main interest is all forms of jazz, along with contemporary classical music and many forms of non-Western music. I mainly perform around the Chicago area, primarily with my own ensembles playing my own music.

(what's here?) -- Reviews, sound bites and ordering information on recordings I've done over the years, booking information for performances, news on upcoming gigs, and various links and articles on musicians I'm either associated with or am particularly fond of... or both.

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Update, 2/17/2014: Much to do here someday, but for now, check out the new sites for PAUL SMOKER and RYAN SHULTZ! [click on the links below])

(what's new?)

·        New! (February 2009) - Reviews and accolades for "No Stock Options" (9Winds), by the Paul Smoker/Damon Short Quintet, a project recorded in Rochester NY with Ken Filiano, Chuck Burdelik and Ryan Shultz.

·        A few updates to my Walt Dickerson page (RIP, May 2008).

·        details and sound clips from the Spring 2007 'live' release, "Retrofit", on DepthPerception.

...not recent but still relevant...

(December 2003) ...another Paul Smoker discography update
(September 2002) - a new release on Nine Winds - Go Figure, with Paul Smoker, Paul Scea, Ryan Shultz, Chuck Burdelik, Jim Yanda and Larry Kohut.

An online article reviewing the Damon Short discography (through mid-2001)


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