Music: Who & What I Like

Some of my musical heroes include:
Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor, Charles Mingus,
Thelonious Monk, Eric Dolphy, Anthony Braxton,
Ornette Coleman, Herbie Nichols, Albert Ayler, Frank Zappa,
John Cage, Olivier Messiaen, Alban Berg,
Arnold Schoenberg, Gustav Mahler, Pierre Boulez and Harry Partch

I like to think that all of them are reflected in my own music
in one way or another.

My favorite drummers include Elvin Jones, Tony Williams (through the early Lifetime era), Paul Motian, Jo Jones, Andrew Cyrille, Billy Hart, Max Roach, Johnny Vidacovich, and several dozen others.

For the vibes, there's no one like Walt Dickerson.

There are bios/essays at this site on Taylor, Nichols, Dickerson, trumpeter Paul Smoker, saxophonist/flutist Paul Scea,
and bass trumpeter Ryan Shultz

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