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NineWinds 0291
NineWinds 0231
Southport SSD-0028
  No Stock Options : Paul Smoker/Damon Short Quintet, with Ken Filiano, Chuck Burdelik and Ryan Shultz. Recorded 2004 for Nine Winds.  


Go Figure: The 'national sextet', recorded in 1997 and released in September 2002 - with Paul Smoker, Paul Scea, Ryan Shultz, Larry Kohut, Jim Yanda and Chuck Burdelik. (Nine Winds Records)


All of the Above: Paul Smoker, Paul Scea, Jim Yanda, Larry Kohut, Ryan Shultz and Jeff Newell. released in 1994 (Southport),

Southport SSD-0060
Southport SSD-0060
Removable Media: Damon Short/Paul Scea Quartet, with Ryan Shultz and Noel Kupersmith. Released October 1998 (Southport). Balance of Power: A set of duo improvisations with multi-reed artist PAUL SCEA. Released September 1999 (Southport).


The DepthPerception limited-edition series was started in January 2001 to get some archived material before a wider audience.

DepthPerception 001/002
DepthPerception 003
DepthPerception 004
  The first release is a 2-cd set of mostly Monk compositions, recorded in Chicago, August 1981; the name of the band and the album: "Worry Later", with Chuck Burdelik, Billy Weiser, Mike Freeman and Mark Steele.
The 2nd DepthPerception release is a 1993 studio session of original material: Third Prize!, featuring Ryan Shultz, Jeff Beer, Mark Tuttle and Larry Kohut.

The 3rd DepthPerception release, from 1993-94: Airplay, with Chuck Burdelik, Ryan Shultz, John McLean, Larry Kohut and Jeff Beer.

DepthPerception 005
DepthPerception 006
DepthPerception 007
  The next two releases documented live improvisations from Chicago's Lunar Cabaret in the mid-90s. Incidental Dialects appeared in December 2001, with Jim Baker, piano/synthesizer and Damon Short, vibes and percussion.
The predecessor (and impetus) for Balance of Power, Brainstorm was performed one night in March 1996 and was released in April 2002: Paul Scea, woodwinds, Damon Short, percussion. Also featuring Ryan Shultz.

A 'compiled live set' from 2001/2004 (Chicago), with Larry Kohut, Chuck Burdelik, Ryan Shultz, Mitch Paliga and Mark Tuttle.



My first album, Penguin Shuffle, was released in 1987 on the BlueRoom label, and is available only on vinyl.
I also have a cassette available of vibes/percussion and electronic duets, Chromium Salvation, with Harry Castle.

You can order any or all of them here!


...other recordings I'm on include:

(as part of Jeff Beer's "Brackets") on the sampler, produced by Marc Sabatella. ...the Scott Fields Ensemble on the June 2001 release of '96 Gestures' on CRI. ...the Fred Hess Quartet (with Paul Smoker and Ken Filiano) on the January 2002 release of Exposed, on CIMP, and on the November 2002 CD, Extended Family, on the Tapestry label.

  ...a set of improvisations organized by Mike Ellis: Chicago Spontaneous Combustion Suite (2000), with Jeff Beer, Ryan Shultz and Larry Kohut (AlphaPocket)



I mainly perform around the Chicago area but I welcome opportunities to perform elsewhere.

Several years ago, I wrote an overview of Cecil Taylor's music for the Compuserve jazz forum. It only covers releases through 1990 and there's no attempt to be particularly scholarly; I just love his music and wrote this as a way to try to introduce others to it...

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